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Homemade Laundry Soap

Here is the super simple 3 ingredient laundry soap recipe. Use this to replace your regular laundry detergent. Save money and have super awesome smelling laudry! Fun fact; wana know why it's call laundry *soap* and not laundry *detergent*? Soap is made of materials found in nature whereas detergents are synthetic, not to mention the fact that they can be toxic to fish and wildlife.

What You Will Need:

  • 1 Bar Soap (Zote, Fels Naptha, etc) - grated
  • 1 cup Borax
  • 1 cup WASHING soda

How You Do:

As stated above you want to have 1 bar of soap grated. I used my cheese grater to do this.

Are you ready to hear how to do it? Mix all the ingredients...that's it! Store in an air tight container. I generally use 2tbs per load and this makes 32oz so that should last you about 32 loads...about $0.07 per load too if you can believe that! I used Zote soap so my laundry soap is pink and that's fine with me.

Wana hear even better news? This soap should work well with HE front load washers since it is a low-suds formula. How great is that?!? Can you tell I'm excited? I don't know if I'll ever go back to store bought detergent again. For me it's more than saving's about caring what my family and I are putting on our skins and in our bodies. I hope you all enjoy! I'm off to wash a load of towels :)


Fabric Softener Crystals

What You Will Need:

  • Epsom Salt
  • Essential Oil(s) of you preference

How You Do:

This recipe is simple and all you do is decide how much you want to make at a time, and add 10-15 drops of essential oils per 1 cup of epsom salt. Keep in mind that you will use 1/4 cup per load of laundry so 1 cup of softener will last you 4 loads.

My personal favorite scent is Vanilla Lavender so I used that when making these. I just LOVE how simple this is! Hope you all enjoy :D



So what exactly are wool dryer balls used for? Well it's actually pretty cool! These dryer balls do amazing things. They eliminate the need for fabric softener AND dryer sheets because they take care of softening your clothes and eliminating static. Wana know what else they do? The can cut down on your drying time for your clothes by 25% on large loads and 30-40% on smaller loads. They do this because the wool dryer balls circulate with the dryer and get between the clothes to help keep them separated.

So now you're thinking this is cool and wondering what you need right? Well it's super simple! You need:

  • skein of 100% wool yarn (mine made 3 medium-small wool balls for $5.99)
  • one leg of a pantyhose or tights
  • 1' acrylic yarn
  • essential oil of your choice (optional)

So this is super simple ok guys? Take the yarn and wrap it around 2 fingers about 20 times. Repeat this process by pinching the middle of the beginnings of your yarn ball together and start wrapping! You all know how to make a yarn ball right? You jut do that!

Repeat this process until you have 3-4 wool balls. My yarn only made 3 wool balls so I'll probably get yarn tomorrow and make more.

Now you want to make the wool snake :) I forgot to take a picture of mine, so I have this one courtesy of macaronikid. This is where the acrylic yarn comes in. You use it to tie off the pantyhose/tights. Then you take you snake ball and throw it in the dryer. The dryer actually felts the wool to prevent your ball from unraveling. I wanted to make mine scented so I used my custom fragrance of lavender and vanilla (3 drops of each on each ball) before putting into the pantyhose and dryer. Gosh do they smell good! This step is optional.

And that's it!
How simple was that?!? It cost me $5.99 to get the wool yarn I wanted and I made 3 wool balls. I looked online and people are selling 3 wool balls for $15-20!!! Sounds like a nice money saver to me! Hope you all enjoy this! I know I did.


  1. I finally made the laundry soap on Monday and WOW! It works incredibly well. I will never go back to store bought. It's so easy to make and I even washed my cream couch cushion covers. They are now 2 shades lighter (I vaguely remember them being this lovely shade at one point) and back to mint condition. Thank you Ashley!

    1. I'm SO glad you liked it Jenneal! The nice thing is when you run you, and you have the supplies on hand, it's quicker to make up a batch than it is to go to the store and get some :)

    2. So true! I'm looking forward to running out so I can make more :) And my clothes continue to be the cleanest they've ever been!